1. COVID19, Environment and Urban Health
  2. Recent Issues on Environmental Risk Factors and Health in Asia and Western Pacific
  3. Water and Food Safety
  4. Air Pollution and Health
  5. Changing Climate and Health
  6. Built/Indoor Environment and Health
  7. Changing Environment, Metabolomics, Microbiome and Health
  8. Big Data in Environmental Health Studies – Challenges and Advances
  9. Exposome and DOHAD
  10. Leveraging OMICS in Environmental Epidemiological Studies to Understand Human Health Risks of Chemical Exposures
  11. Epigenetic Studies in Environmental Health Sciences – Current Status and Future Perspectives
  12. Intervention Studies based on Epidemiological Findings – What can we learn from them?
  13. Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Exposures ( ECDs) and Maternal and Child Health – Intergenerational Impacts
  14. Maternal and Child Health in Asia and Western Pacific – What have we learnt from birth cohort studies in the region
  15. New Frontiers in Biomarkers of Environmental Exposures for Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiologic Research
  16. Current Knowledge and Future Directions on Biomonitoring and Exposure Assessment